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Hi, i was wondering which are ontario´s best universities in the biological field, i heard toronto was, but what other ones please. Secondly, what does one who has studied in biology have the option of doing later on as a professional career. I want to pursue biology, but i do not know if the careers are as diversified. Is there anyone who has graduated in biology or whatever, and has personnal commments. I want to apply to Waterloo as well, is it a good university for biology or biochemistry? What is the difference between both, are there more options in biochem... Thanks
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u o f t is very expensive.Waterloo, guelph and uwo are also good in biology.
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IS waterloo actually that good in biology? I thought it was reputed for being amazing in comp and tech/math? dunno but thatnk anyone else got other good universities. Damn i wanted to go to Toronto, why is toronto so much more expensive than other universities? am i just ignorant? LOL
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the undergraduate fees in utoronto are around 7000$.Mcmaster university also have a good reputation in bsc. in biology.


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