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Subject: Numerous q's want answers
if you are in the lower middle class economically speaking, most people are, is it smarter to stay home and go to university rather than go away to university have fun for four years and come home still stuck under parents roof?

live in toronto(im interested in becoming a lawyer), i know its live(pronounced lie-vuh means-fun), but considering attending skool in Ottawa (both Carle-criminal justice-criminology /UofO modern languages), Montreal(McGill, Concordia language and philosophy for both) or even yeah while may of u rate it low Windsor language/ criminology. if i stay in t-dot i´ll reach to either york or Uof T. which schools of the schools outside of toronto is the best,and why. I don´t really care how big the party scene is (as long as they have something to do), more interested in academics and type of people i´ll find there.

t-dot chyck
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I think university of western ontario is popular for law. U of T is very expensive. U ottawa is better than toronto.

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Osgoode Law School(York) is a bunch of snobby idealists that think they are better than everyone else. I say go to UWO for law, not as prestigious but definitely more down-to-earth.

Tarun V.

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