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Subject: poli sci grad programs
Toronto, York, Carleton, McMaster, Queen´s SFU, UBC, Calgary and Alberta all have good reputations in poli sci. What do people think are these dept.´s strengths?
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McMaster´s PhD is mainly focused on IR.

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York is especially good in political economy

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go to York for polsci.

it is top notch and has superb profs and the campus environment is great-alot of fun and very political.

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Toronto has the most internationally prestigious poli sci dept. in Canada - Canadian, comparative, theory, IR.

York has a good all-round dept. in all these areas, but I wouldn´t recommend it for conservatives, as it draws some of the world´s leading left-wing academics.

Carleton and Queen´s are esp. good for Canadian.

Calgary is good for Canadian politics from a conservative perspective.

UBC and McMaster are esp. IR-focused.

SFU is good for Canadian, comparative and IR.


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