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Subject: McGill VS. Concordia
As a graduate of Concordia and a current student at McGill, I share a common experience as those who have attended both universities. I will make a case for those who are considering going to Concordia.

For those who are in Concordia, you are home to an emerging powerhouse with very strong professional programs and new building facilities that will be the envy of other Canadian Universities.

The general teaching quality at Concordia is arguably a little better than at McGill, although you would have to experience this for yourself. Many teachers are industry consultants, executives, researchers and entrepreneurs. The difficulty of academic courses is noticeably higher at Concordia, teachers push for professionalism to make up for Concordia´s strained reputation, and you really must bust your ass to get a B.

Classes are far smaller than at Concordia than at McGill (20-40 students per class at Concordia vs. 60-200 students per class at McGill), and personal attention from instructors is almost always offered.

Student services (registration, fees, records) are streamlined, in one location, simple and easy to use. McGill´s student services are scattered all over the place, are plastered with red-tape nonsense and are incredibly frustrating to use. McGill students are left to figure things out on their own.

Concordia has prestigious, well-structured programs that help students concentrate on entrepreneurship or training for employment. John-Molson School of Business cranks out well-trained managers, investors, marketers and entrepreneurs (this is where you go if you want to yell "Show me the money!" at your school). Concordia´s education department is a prestigious training institution for elite elementary school teachers or early-education teachers. With 40 spaces and a 95% rejection rate, reject applicants go to McGill, where the education program is reasonably good there too and the brand name will easily carry McGill graduates to a job.

Big company recruiters routinely raid the school and grab engineering and computer science graduates. Concordia´s Journalism, geography, urban planning, biology, chemistry all have components that give students field experience in the industry that will make them highly employable once they graduate.

However, Concordia´s athletic facilities are lousy and sparse. Something must be done about that nasty Hall Building in downtown as well as lack of green space there.

McGill has a great reputation (a brand name or designer label that is respected internationally, so this too will help you land a job), is more academically-centered than Concordia, has an attractive traditional campus, many, many clubs and excellent athletic facilities. Teaching is iffy in some departments, programs have less structure and many classes are hugely populated, leaving little opportunity for individual help. Academic competition with classmates becomes an annoyance in some classes. If you have any doubts, drop in and see for yourself. As a McGill student, you may want to take some good courses at Concordia and get credit for them.

Concordia may have a reputation that is ruined by media and politics. That may soon change and it is very possible that it will rise from the bottom to the very top within the next 5 years. Concordia is a GOOD university and students have plenty to be proud about (arts, training, professionalism, employability, entrepreneurship). In the end, both universities have a reasonably good key to a future.

Jack Abbott
(in reply to: McGill VS. Concordia)
If Concordia is as good as you described, why it isn´t in world top 500 universities while more than 10 other canadian universitis is in list.

UK´s Times Higher Education ranks Mcgill 21 world wide, I do not see Concordia any close.

Maybe Concordia is only well known in Quebec ?

concordia vs mcgill (in reply to: McGill VS. Concordia)
Mcgill is undoubtedly a good university but it is also an old (for Canada) university with the benefit of an international reputation. Hence its inclusion in the world´s top 500 colleges. However, having attended both Concordia and Mcgill, I cannot recommend Concordia too highly. It is a young and vibrant place, insists on high academic standards, thinks innovatively about its programmes, and has a clear and focused view about where it is going. Many people attend Concordia precisely because they have done their homework and know exactly what they want to do and where they will do it. Whether or not that university is featured on some ranking or the other really doesn´t come into it. McGill, on the other hand, is often the university of choice for kids who think they are getting a bargain Ivy League education and who have no real sense of why they are there in the first place. Try taking a course at Concordia, Catherine, You might just be surprised!
McGill vs. Concordia (in reply to: McGill VS. Concordia)
Jack Abbott, you say you go to McGill but I highly doubt that. I am inclined to think that McGill´s academic standards are far more greater than Concordia´s. In contrast to what you mentioned, I am in engineering and my classes are rarely in the 60-200 ppl range as you so claimed. I think you should get your facts straight before you post a message!
Mech Eng Girl
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mcgill blows chunks
nuff said

Here we go again! (in reply to: McGill VS. Concordia)
dear mech eng girl, you sound like you ever so desperately want to convince yourself that mcgill has the much higher standards. no doubt you´ve had the benefit of empirical assessment of concordia´s eng courses. and what makes you think that jack abbot doesn´t attend mcgill? maybe not the classes are that crowded (ie. close to 200 people) but many are pretty crowded. sounds like the griping of someone who couldn´t get into mech eng concordia and had to settle for mcgill instead.
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For your information william, I did get into mech eng at concordia and I was offered a scholarship as well. I declined the money for McGill´s reputable name...
Mech Eng Girl
(in reply to: McGill VS. Concordia)
I agree that Concordia is a far more structured place with superior teachers and smaller class sizes. I am in Mechtech and my Concordia profs were awesome. Ever since I started my second Electrotech engineering degree at McGill it has been nothing but disappointment and frustration everywhere!!!

Some of you speak ideologically to defend McGill, because it is what your heart believes and it is what the media tells you. Well, let me tell you something: From a pragmatic point of view,

1. McGill´s classes are too crowded, half my classes (mostly electives) have something like 200-500 people in giant theatre halls. My electro tech classes are average size (about 60) but crammed in a small room. Good luck getting help, classmates are competitive and are reluctant to help you. Some of my profs are good, but cmon, classes are made for economies of scale.

2. McGill´s student services are scattered all over the campus. It took me two months to figure out where everything was. Even worse, no one tells me what is going on!

3. Their awesome reputation as reported by the media does not reflect the quality of teaching in my classes. They are recognized internationally because of MEDICINE and LAW, but their other programs are a mixed bag of crap and some good stuff as well. It seems MEDICINE and LAW upholds McGill´s rep because it is the only thing that matters to the public these days.

4. I keep hearing about how money is wasted at McGill because of scattered infrastructure, repeatedly tearing up and putting the grass for special events in front of the arts building, emergency repairs to old structures, nasty air quality, and an endless stream of problems reported by students and maintenance workers. Keep flushing my tuition down the toilet, McGill! Go right ahead and ask the government for more funds and higher tuition!

5. They tell you where the exams are only at the last minute. This business of posting my exam locations at the last minute must stop.

I came to McGill to take advantage of the brand-name designer label that employers respect, but you don´t know if you will get a good teacher. Like Jack Abbott says, quality of teaching and learning environnment is iffy. Concordia gave me alot of good teachers and my classes were small.

The proof, look at --- You will see alot more happy face ratings for Concordia teachers than McGill. So go ahead, defend McGill with your ideological claims. On ground zero, a Concordia education rules!

Martine Hemmings
(in reply to: McGill VS. Concordia)
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what's going on??!! (in reply to: McGill VS. Concordia)
Getting a Concordia degree was the best thing I ever did!
McGill (in reply to: McGill VS. Concordia)
I just researched and found that McGill is way better than Concordia!!:)
Concorida has an edge (in reply to: McGill VS. Concordia)
Having researched both university´s before finally deciding on concordia for my software engineering bachelors . I can say that i don´t regret my descision at all . In fact with the almost complete new enginnering complex i am proud to say that for computer related courses altleast concordia is much better organised at structured then mcgill´s faculty.
Ali Ahmed

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