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What are the "hot departments" at various Canadian universities?

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Alberta: English, Physics, Sociology

Queen´s: Biochemistry, Business, Chemistry, Economics, Life Sciences, Political Science

SFU: Computer Science, English, Political Science,

Victoria: Earth and Ocean Sciences, Law, Physics

Waterloo: Computer Science, Math, Psychology

Western: Business, Economics, English, Philosophy,Physics

York: Business, Fine Arts, History, Law, Political Science, Psychology, Sociology

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Hot Departments in Ontario Univ's (in reply to: hot departments)
U Of T is great for engineering and for medicine and sciences.

Waterloo has a hot computer science and engineering programs.

U of Guelph is only good for Vet Sciences and Argriculture Programs.

UWO is good for business (post-grad only) and has a good psych department.

York is good for business, law and alot of the artsy programs like polisci, fine arts, socs and psych.

Carleton University and Ryerson College are both good for journalism.

Queens is good for business (undergrad), economics and has a great chemistry program.

Other uni´s to consider are McMaster, U of Ottawa and Wilfrid Laurier. The rest are just not worth talking about.


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