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Subject: Concordia
I´ve applied to Concordia, and although uni is all about what one makes of it, I was wondering if anyone can let me know what itz like at that school, in rez and around montreal. I also want to become bilingual... is this the right school to conquer this goal?
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I asked last q because I know that Concordia is mainly attended by anglophones (English speaking)
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I go to Concordia. Concordia is a good university, but it has some shortcomings. The biggest problem with Concordia is its reputation with employers and the general public. This is a truly big problem because the direction at Concordia know that the reputation of the school is low, and they will make you work your ass off. They are trying to fix the reputation by being tougher on students, and making the exams alot harder. I have been at Concordia for well over two years, and I am working hard. I have heard many graduates complain that they have trouble getting jobs that they want, because they graduated from Concordia. Often, they are forced to take jobs for which they are overqualified. This is truly a sad situation. Nonetheless, I really believe Concordia is on its way to being a leading University within the next 10-15 years. With the construction of new buildings, and the more stringent admisssion requirements, and exams, I am very confident that the reputation will get better.

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Visitor belive me.

When reputation is destroyed, it is very difficult to regain it.


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