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Subject: MBA admission average
do student with an engineering undergraduate degree need the 75% that schools specify to get addimitted.

i mean, a 75 in a degree of economics is way easier to obtain than a 75 in engineering

Nonsense (in reply to: MBA admission average)
I do not understand why you say that a 75% average in Econmics is not as worthy as a 75% in engineering? This is equavilent to saying that engineering students are smarter than economics students. This is hardly true, and also depends on which school you are attending. For instance, the engineering programs at University of Waterloo are renowned, but not so much for the economics program. The mathetmical rigour in Economics courses is very much comparable to any engineering course. In addition,an Econmics major is way more prepared for MBA than an engineering student.

75% average will get you in most MBA programs in Canada; although, I have not considered your GMAT score. You should have difficulty getting into the top schools like:


Unless your GMAt score is in the 660+ range...

Good luck

No need for this
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