STOP IT! Enough is Enough.

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Subject: STOP IT! Enough is Enough.
I have read a couple of posts from people selling their own university like they are getting paid for doing it. Hello people, we are all getting an education no matter what institution we attend. I cannot beleive the bashing and insulting that goes on here. I know people who attend uni´s all around Canada and the U.S including UWO, York, Queens, UBC, UCLA, Cornell and Simon Fraser and they all speak highly of their respective universities but NEVER do they insult eachother about their universities.

Leave all the preconcieved notions at home. They are not welcome here.

I think that if anyone wants to get an education, that is the highest honour no matter what city, program, circle of friends that they commit to.

Frankie Ellon
yes, enough is enough! (in reply to: STOP IT! Enough is Enough.)
all this nonsense about which university has higher standards, slagging each other off etc etc . really, folks, get it together. some of you lot act like you live in a banana republic whose academic institutions are rife with corruption and dubious standards. you´re in canada, for god´s sake. there are no bad unis here, just different emphases in programs etc
agree with you (in reply to: STOP IT! Enough is Enough.)
I agree.

(in reply to: STOP IT! Enough is Enough.)


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