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Subject: Help
I´ve been sarching for a forum that is dedicated to discussing Canadian universities and I finally found it.

I am an international student residing in Canada,I´ve applied to many universities,U of C, U of S, U of M, Brock university and Wilfried laurier University.

Do these universities have a good reputation? Are they well respected across Canada? if I receice offers from them all, what should I choose?

I want to study Economics as an undergraduate student.

same difference (in reply to: Help)
Choose the one that is closest to your home. Universities are similar and once you finish your university and you start working, after that it will make no difference which university you had attended.
It all really matters how much you will learn. You can go to the best university but if you learn only a little it won´t help you a lot. on the other hand if you choose the worst university and you are the best student it will be much better for you.

G luck,

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Thanks for your response.

I am anyway out of my home(country).Thus,what really matters for me is the reputation.

scholar ship requirement (in reply to: Help)
i need to attend a course in biology in one of the universitiesin canada
hussen aschalew kedir

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