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Subject: Switching universities / degrees
Hello everyone, I was wondering if anyone would be able to help me out. Here is my situation:

I am currently enrolled in Engineering at Dalhousie University in Nova Scotia. My heart was never in engineering, and as a result my marks were very poor, and I´ve decided not to continue with it. Instead, I would like to transfer into computer science if possible. The problem is, I can´t stay in Halifax or at Dalhousie any more. There are a ton of circumstances leading me to want to study at another university, preferably in Toronto or Vancouver. I need a change of surroundings and change of friends/people, as I cannot study with the current group. I would really like to transfer into computer science at another university next year and start all over again from year 1.

My question is this:

How do I go about doing this, and what are my chances? My high school marks were okay, but could have and should have been much better (they were excellent until grade 12, and in grade 12 I wasted a lot of time and marks fell....)

My Dal marks are quite poor. At the end of this semester, my GPA will be a little over 2, around 2.1, but I´ll have my engineering diploma. I was wondering if I should start applying to universities as if I was just coming out of high school (but sending them my university marks also), and just apply to every single university that seems worthwhile to me, and then choose one that accepts me if I can get in. Does this sound reasonable? Any advice from anybody out there? Obviously I´m more partial to certain universities, but I´m really wondering how possible this is, because it´s something that I really want to do.

Thanks a lot in advance everyone!



Matt L - "??"
Transfer (in reply to: Switching universities / degrees)
Hi Matt,
This will not be very easy, but it is doable. It will be hard because of your poor marks. However, if you don´t try you will never know if you can switch to another uni. Simply submit to as many as you can and wait for response.
I know people who were in similar situation and they have transfered.

Good luck - hope it works well for you...

Natalie Z. K.
transfer (in reply to: Switching universities / degrees)
Ignoring how likely it is to be doable or not, I think I´ll definately plug ahead and give it a try. What do you think would be the best course of action? If I want to do this, what do I do? I don´t even know what to do about this kind of thing. I remember applying to unviersities coming out of high school, but how is it different now? I just apply the same as before, but include a history of my university marks or something? Is there any way I can include a note of some sort explaining my situation and why I did poorly and why I think I can do better now? I´m obviously clueless about this entire process, haha, but I´m willing to do what it takes and I know I can do well in comp. science. I´m wondering: If a is university looking at two students, one that has graduated high school only vs. one that has graduated high school with exactly the same marks, then gone to univerity and gotten a diploma but with poor university marks, are they more likely to choose the younger, right-out-of-HS person? Poor univ. marks actually do hurt my chances quite a lot I assume, right? Thanks!


Matt L

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