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Subject: Concordia vs. York vs. SFU
How do these 3 universities compare in terms of prestige. Which is better overall and why. Pros and Cons of each? Which would you pick for sciences?
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and which is the hardest/easiest to get in to for science?
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As for the most prestigios, I would say :


SFU arguably is the hardest to get into, and then York and after it comes Concordia.

York is not that easy school to get into, belive me, I´ve applied and nothing has emerged yet.

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i will say for campus life it goes like this

York is the best- best on campus party scene and active student body

Concordia- great off campus life. There is no campus feel at this university but it is in the heart of Montreal.

Simon Fraser- located away from Vancouver, it is quite a commuter campus. The actual campus is very ugly but has great scenery and smells nice. There are not alot of on campus life as not many students live in residence.

Of the three, York is the most residential campus. I read in Macleans that there are more than 4,500 spots for residence.
At Concordia, it is somewhere like 2,000 and SFU is only 1,000.

Academics at York and SFU are defintely better than Concordia. There is a prestiege present with York and to a lesser extent to SFU, but Concordia´s reputation is flaky.

One element of praise for Concordia is the international flair. I believe in all of Canada, Concordia has the most amount of international students followed by York U. SFU is not that diversely populated.

Based on these notions, I beleive that you can make a choice.

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actually Concordia only has 147 dorm rooms at the Loyola Campus, must apply early!!!!!
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Granted, a lot depends on what you´re applying for, but if you think getting into Concordia is a push-over, think gain! Several of my friends couldn´t get into fine arts and mech eng at Concordia but were accepted into McGill (Hi George, Steph and Niko!!). Unless you have ace grades you´ll have to compete with 20 others for a single place in comm studiesm fine arts, engineering, business etc. Campus politics aside (and that´s becoming less and less of an issue these days), Concordia is the hippest university in the hippest city in Canada. That makes it the coolest university in the country in my book. Go for it!! You can always go to McGill if all else fails!
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go to york.....the best of that bunch.
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York = students who dont get into UoT go there
Concordia = Students who dont get int o mcgill go there
SFU = Student who dont get into UBC go there.

your best bet SFU. if you are intl, youwill be able to speak english after you finish there. if you are native go anywhere and you wil be help to their student bodies.

All these universities are 2nd tier
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2nd tier universities? Clearly you have too much time on your hands to post such mush! I suggest you look a closer at the many excellent programs provided by these universities. You might also try and improve your command of the english language while you´re at it.

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