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Subject: Carleton ??
How good is carleton in mechanical engineering ? I was planning to do my masters.
can anyone give me a clear view of the ranking..
hows carleton ranked when compared to U of T, U Waterloo, UBritishColumbia, Queens U, Ryerson ....

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dont think its good.

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SOrry for my ignorance, but where is Carlton University located?
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1st Waterloo, Top Engineering school in Canada

2nd U of T, Again good reputation and facilites

3rd Carleton, Has a growing reputation

5th Ryerson

Queens falls into 3rd academically, but due to the stuck up attitude of some of their students there grads don´t have a very good rep among other people

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oh sorry forgot to add UBC ranks about the same as U of T, im not acatually sure which one of the two are better, but i know they rank higher then Queens, Carleton and Ryerson when it comes to engineering

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