uottawa or uoit?

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Subject: uottawa or uoit?
sounds funny right?
I´ve applied for engineering and know I have to make my mind so here are the programs
uottawa electrical eng.
uoit(if you never heard it is in oshawa)automotive engineerig

I don´t know waht to do becuse I have a passion for automoibles but uottawa´s program sound great with co-op
woww I´m so confused I really need some information about this brand new university from you guys

uoit rocks! (in reply to: uottawa or uoit?)
i have a friend who is a student at uoit and he says it´s just amazing!!! He says the profs are great and very into the subjects they are teaching. He also says that both the academic and living environment are really top-notch.
Definitely look into this university and find out more about it.

(in reply to: uottawa or uoit?)
Well. I agree on some of the things that you said. I must agree on the food selection. It is disgraceful - unless if you want to keep eating donuts and pizza throughout your university life. It is sad to say, but I have seen the food selection at other universities and it is much more better than what UOIT has to offer.

Furthermore, I beleive that UOIT is running out of spaces where students can study, relax, etc. They only have three academic buildings (including the library) thus far with two more currently being built (one is the automotive building and the other is the engineering building). Hence, you will never be alone at UOIT. People will always be around you. Also, I must say that Oshawa is a very boring place to be. The university says on its website somewhere that there are sooo many places that serve ethnic cuisine around the community. First of all, the only places I see by the university that offer that is Ho Lee Chow and the Mandarin. Also, if there are places to eat, you have to spend over 3 dollars on transit alone just to get to the damn place (if you do not drive).

However, these things are small compared to what is truly at the centre of your university experiences - your education. I sincerely believe that the program that you applied for - automotive engineering is truly one of a kind. Unlike the previous person who posted, it depends on what program you are doing at UOIT. UOIT has created one of a kind engineering programs, such as Nuclear, Manufacturing, and Automotive engineering. What other university offers these programs? Hence, I believe that UOIT will build and excel on these programs. With respect to the faculty, I think that most of them are excellent and experienced.

. (in reply to: uottawa or uoit?)
Yea i agree with you but as said in your last statement about it being experinced ummm i disagree with that it will with time i mean some of the programs it has there are excellent but with time it will get better and improve but since it has just started these programs the university is new and the profs are new causing the university not too meet standerds yet. And you said how they have new programs yea i knew a friend that worked in the student center and its sad too say that he showed me the sheet for all programs and most are not credited yet. It takes 1 full graduating class from the program till the program is crdeited for the university. But like i said with time im sure this univeristy will sore but as for now its just building
uottawa or uoit? (in reply to: uottawa or uoit?)
I am at UOIT studying mechanical engineering, and it is amazing. I have friends that go to Queens, Carelton, and UofT for engineering and they tell me that it is extremely hard, that you can never talk with your profs if you have trouble, the TA´s don´t care, and they don´t have a chance to get involved in anything fun because they are only in their first year.
At UOIT most of the profs will know your name by the end of the semester and are always available for help. The TA´s are very helpful and will sometimes go out of their way to give you extra help. And as for being involved and having a voice that is heard... well UOIT is only going into its 3rd year, so it doesn´t matter if you are a 1st, 2nd, or 3rd year student your voice is heard and their or hundreds of groups for you to become involved with. The learning enviroment makes the hardest courses easy. Profs try to make the lectures fun and interactive, and the labs have all the state of the art equipment. It is a beautiful campus... even with some constuction still going on.
I recommend UOIT 100%

UOIT is a bad choice (in reply to: uottawa or uoit?)
UOIT is a terrible, definitely the worst university in Ontario and quite possibly the worst in Canada. The fact that you have to tell people where UOIT is, is sad. If you travel anywhere outside of Oshawa your degree will be useless. You should go to Ottawa U because it is an actual established university that didn´t crop up out of a college overnight.
David Sokoevsky
not true (in reply to: uottawa or uoit?)
For the person above dissing UOIT: I´m from UOIT - I´m a developer at RIM and I know two developers at IBM. What´s wrong with UOIT if it gets you a decent job?
S. Shak
University (in reply to: uottawa or uoit?)
Stop being childish and a loser dissing universities. They are all post secondary education centers that if you work hard will get you a good job in the future. Its a FU**IN school already not your girlfriend.

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