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Subject: Waterloo or UBC
Hey, in terms of math and physics, which would be a better choice? I´m from the US, but am a Canadian citizen, so I havent had much exposure to either. I know Waterloo has the Perimeter Institue, and the largest faculty of math. But how does it scale on the international ranking compared to UBC, especially when I´ll be applying to graduate schools? Im not into Co-op one of the main strengths of Waterloo.

Anyways, thanks.

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I suggest you choose Waterloo

UBC is well rounded and has some international recognition, but isnt particularly famous for math and physics

Waterloo is strongest in Math, and even though i dont believe they have a degree in physics, they probably do have a concentraiton in it. Waterloo probably isnt so famous to the common person internationally, but anyone with knowledge in math institutions will know waterloo.

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Both are very good "geek" schools. Waterloo is probably the better "geek´ school because most of them graduate with a math degree.

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