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Subject: Best University in Canada
I am from a small town in Ontario called Kingsville and in high school now in my last year.

I want to go to a university that is reputable, has attractive girls, great campus parties, alot of sporting life and nice residences.

I did not get accepted yet but my guidance councillor told me to apply to a list of uni´s all over Canada to study economics.

I applied to in Ontario:
Queens U
York U
Guelph U
U of Ottawa

Out of province:
McGill U
Dalhousie U
St. FX

I need to know which one to accept if I get in to all? I already got into UWO, Guelph and Dalhousie but the others are yet to reply.

Where should I go? Why Should I go there?

I need student to student advice. Thanks

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if i were you i would go to Queens. there´s lots of cute girls, lots of parties and lots of school spririt. You just feel proud to be going there and its not too big compared to the other schools you mentioned so you won´t get alienated. You will have fun for sure. apart from that i would recommend Western or SFX, they are both known to be fun too with awesome student night life. these schools probably have the nicest residences too ! don´t go to mcgill, most of the people i know that have gone to there did not have that much fun in their four years of university. anyways good luck and let me know what you decide ! try not to party too hard.
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Hands down I´d choose Queen´s! There is a shockingly high number of hot girls that go there, the nightlife is amazing, and the reputation can´t be beat! All in all, for four years of undergrad, Kingston is the perfect city! Good size, close to TO and Montreal etc.
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Go to York, Dal or UBC. The best students and great profs.

Check it out.

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I really liked Western, and they have a great business school. I know a lot of people who go there and they all love it. Bonuses: no military/prison, not so big that you can´t race a police car down the main drag and not get charged (true story),but big enough to have a decent mall, far enough away from the ´rents, but not too far from friends back at home. You know what, after writing this, I think i´m gonna go there too...
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My CEO continually tells us that "the Best University in Canada is the University of Guelph." He graduated from Guelph. I think he is right.

He will sometimes say that grads from the University of Toronto are "too stupid to pound sand down a rat hole" but we think he is kidding and just means that they may have some slight problems. Often a CEO will emphasize to make a point. I am sure that in reality a UofT grad if faced with a good sized rat hole and if given a shovel with instructions on how to use it and a bucket of sand would do the right thing.

Good luck in your search!
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