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Subject: Engineering @ McMaster
am a grade 12 student and i have future planes of going into medicine. And am planning to do electrical and Biomedical engineering at McMater. As med-schools look for high grades...i wanted to know if its generally possible to get A s (80+) in engineering @ McMaster.
-Thank You-

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May be cuz am interested in engineering, and if i dont get into a med-school, i´ll have a strong degree to fall back on, and I´ll still be in a field I like. If i dont get in...i dont wanna be doing something like Biochemistry for da rest of ma life.
And just to let you know, it Biomedical engineering. Which means it has Biology and all the other courses I need for med-school.

And..can any engineering students at McMaster PLZ answer my initial question.

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In general, if you´re capable of doing well in first year Engineering, as long as you don´t slack off, you can maintain those grades for the rest of university.

I live with a Elec and biomed student. Things get hectic but as long as you don´t slack off and fall majorly behind, it´s not a problem. Essentially, it´s 70% work ethic, 30% actual ability to learn the material.

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Thanks for the info. It really helped. And can you tell me a bit about engineering at McMaster, I mean, is McMaster a good place to study engineering, how is their equipment, and how are the Professors. And how is the elec. and biomedical eng. program?
I would really appreciate your help.
Thanks once again

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Just searching the web and came across this site, and notice their has been a lot of knocking against Ryerson. Just a little background, I am a graduate from Electrical Engineering at Ryerson 2000, I was immediately offered a position by a start-up in (GBASE Communications) Walnut Creek, CA where we developed Base stations for CDMA 2000. This company was started by a former Ryerson Professor, and started with 8 Ryerson EE Grads. We released our first product in 2002 and was immediately taken over by interWave Communication. We were all given 100,000 shares as a take over compen.. The Ryerson unit, led by DR. Kiomars Anvari, continued working on base stations for the US Army, etc. iWave was then taken over by Alvarion Communications of isreal, at a price of $5.75 / share. I returned to Canada approx. 3 months ago and currently working at a major Canadian Company. My experience at Ryerson helped quite a lot, and I know for a fact Ryerson Grads are beginning to get a great industry rep. Hard work does pay off, and for Engineering get your degree from any program that is accredited by the Canadian Engineering Accreditation Board (CEAB). Ranking only matters if you are selling a university, individual work makes you sucessful, you are going to learn DE, Signal Processing, AI, Compilers from any university.

Ryerson Grads are all over Silicon Valley (There are currently 23 out of 67 in sv). i.e
Cisco, 3Com, Electronic Arts, Intel, onStar and there has been 2 companies that I know of, that were started by Ryerson Grads. I guess we are to busy to hype up our university. Enjoy which ever program you go to, and graduate with an open mind, and a willingness to work hard, and you will be a hell of an Engineer. Good Luck

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excuse me sir. Do you work for Ryerson University?

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Just thought that I would post my experience as a Grad of Ryerson. I currently have no association to Ryerson, the company I work at is in the Video Card Business. I am not attemping to knock any other university, because I have only attended one university, and can give you my experience on what that university has done for me. I am quite proud to be a Ryerson Grad, and the education recieved from Ryerson.
I went there many years ago (in reply to: Engineering @ McMaster)
was a country bumpkin and did not know any better. After bachelors could not get job, so went for Masters. Again could not get job so went for PhD. Again could not get job. All my engineering training was useless for earning a living. Now work as software guy.
Waterloo graduates easily find jobs. If can´t get into waterloo or Toronto better to go the community college like Ryerson or Mohawk. And for medical school entry should study biochemistry bachelors.
Also I was abused at McMaster by the foreign born faculty, so totally demoralized. Still bothers me. Am going for therapy... And I have a 133 IQ. They told me I was stupid and a piece of garbage. Totally disgusting place...


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