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Subject: University rankings

I am thinking about studying civil engineering at the University of Calgary as an International Student.

However, before I apply I would like to know where the University of Calgary ranks amongst Canadian Universities and how the civil engineering department there ranks amongst other Canadian civil engineering departments.

Can you point me in the direction of university/departmental league tables so that I can get an idea of how good auniversity Calgary is?


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here is a link

I am planing to studia at U of Calgary too... (in reply to: University rankings)
Hello Will

My name is Mauricio Reyes C and I am appling to the University of Calgary too, for a MSc degree in Civil Engineering. I saw your question about how ranks U of Calgary among the others. I want to know what have you fnd out


Mauricio Reyes C

Mauricio Reyes C
Mcgill vs. Concordia (in reply to: University rankings)
I got accepted to both Mcgill and Concordia university, and i want to major in business.
I heard that Concordia´s John Molson school of business is better than Mcgill´s business school.
Basically i am just trying to figure out which one to choose. Any university rankings regarding management would be of great help
Thank you

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I have been accepted at both Trent University and Simon Fraser Uni for Business Administration majors. Which of the two will be better for me academically and for a better future.
Which university to choose (in reply to: University rankings)
I have got my admit in concordia university for MEng program in Electrical and computer engineering.Can anybody please comment on the ranking,reputation quality of education,Value for education from me at

Thanks a lot .


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