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Subject: Mcgill or Concordia ?
The answer to this question is Mcgill,for anything except business programs.Mcgill is better than concordia on every program with a very good reputation worldwide but its management faculty is inferior than John Moslon.JMSB have a good reputation in Canada but not worldwide.If you want to work in canada and especially in Quebeq, prefer JMSB for those reasons:
-McGill´s managment school is not approved from aacsb a global organization for business shcools.Most companies request a degree approved by aacsb so it would be easier to find a job with a JMSB degree.
-Althought McGill´s requirements for admissions are higher than concordia´s in order to take your MBA in JMSB you need a score in GMAT of 600 or better and on Mcgill only 550 or more.
-The co-op program of JMSB is the best advantage of concordia since you will have a 3 year experience when you´ll graduate something that will double your starting salary.
-Financial Times of London listed JMSB 3rd in canada.This source is more reliable than some rankings that was made by tests that students wrote.In those tests the rank of the school is determined by the group of students that wrote the test and not from the school´s level.
-The MBA and CA classes on JMSB, consist of 30-40 people and the executive MBA of 20 students, so there is personal attention given in each student.
So my opinion is that you should go to jmsb if you want a good business degree and on McGill for everything else since McGill´s prestige will be pro on your degree.I had my MBA from JMSB 3 years ago ,I was in the co-op program and my starting salary (with 3 years experience) was only 24$ /hr.Now with my JMSB master and with 6 years in business my salary is 125$ /hr, so I think that JMSB woth it.

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What´s taking Concordia so long to start construction on the John Molson business building?!?!
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I know, I dont know whats going on. REad the article in Lapresse. claude Lajeunesse said that Concordia is waiting for the government to give them the funds. He also said that he would like to see tuition go up to 4000-5000 a year, which I completely agree with. I think most commerce students would agree with this tuition increase, but forget the students in Arts and sciences. They will get really pissed off. Pauvre Claude!

Actually, I think they should get the money for the building and it should be finished by 2008. Good lord, we need a building. Have you seen the new EV building? Its crazy nice.

Claude Lajeunesse (in reply to: Mcgill or Concordia ?)
Is exactly what Concordia needs.

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University sprucing up image, shopping for new slogan, real estate

The Gazette

Thursday, October 20, 2005

With 32,000 students, a hiring surge and a construction boom, you wouldn´t think Concordia University would need to prove its vitality to anyone.

Yet even before Claude Lajeunesse signed on as president, the university had launched measures aimed at sprucing up its image - and preventing it from getting sideswiped by scene-stealing antics that have nothing to do with the quality of education it offers.

Under the guidance of former Liberal politico and BCP advertising honcho John Parisella, the university has overhauled its public-relations operations.

It has begun shopping for a new "brand" to replace its "Real education for the real world" slogan.

Strategy calls for an early warning system to ensure senior administrators have a heads-up about potentially contentious speakers or situations before they have a chance to spiral out of control or embarrass the institution.

With acquisition of the Grey Nuns´ mother house, the opening of the engineering/visual arts complex downtown and the refurbished Drummond building at Loyola, there are only a few big-ticket items on Concordia´s real-estate wish list.

Lajeunesse believes the downtown campus needs a student union.

First up, however, must be groundbreaking for the John Molson School of Business

on the southwest corner of Guy St. and de Maisonneuve Blvd. - a project still awaiting cash from Quebec.

"We should hear by the end of this academic year that we have government support we need to begin construction," he said.

"All the signals are that we are getting the government to understand the John Molson School is an important asset to Montreal."

Funding from the Molsons hinges on sod-turning beginning soon. "I think if we start within the next year, that will be fine."

But unlike other recent building ventures, Lajeunesse said Concordia won´t go ahead unless Quebec antes up.

"There is a limit to how much a university can borrow."

In the meantime, the university is gently lobbying the city to back its proposal for the Concordia Quarter, a district that would clearly define the downtown campus.

"It would be a statement, recognition that Concordia is a major player in downtown Montreal," Lajeunesse said.

? The Gazette (Montreal) 2005

The Rise and Fall of McGill (in reply to: Mcgill or Concordia ?)
Canada´s McGill University Cancels Football Season After Hazing

Oct. 19 (Bloomberg) -- Canada´s McGill University canceled the rest of its football season after a hazing incident that involved ``nudity, degrading positions and behaviors and gagging,´´ the Montreal school said in a statement.

The announcement followed an investigation into complaints brought by a team rookie. The unidentified player claimed he was sexually assaulted with a broomstick while others looked on, Canadian Press reported yesterday.

The probe found that hazing in the form of threats and intimidation occurred during a team event on Aug. 27. The school said there wasn´t any evidence of sodomy.

``The investigation shows that the event did involve nudity, degrading positions and behaviors, gagging, touching in inappropriate manners with a broomstick, as well as verbal and physical intimidation of rookies by a large portion of the team,´´ the school said in the statement.

McGill, an English-speaking university in the French- speaking province of Quebec, said it will take disciplinary action against the people involved and require all team members to perform community service. It said it will automatically cancel any future season for any sport if hazing is discovered.

The team was 1-5 this season, with two games remaining.

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I do not like Peggy curran. Shes a bad journalist and she is up to no good.

Lajeunesse's Inauguration Speech (in reply to: Mcgill or Concordia ?)
In his inaugural speech, Concordia´s new president, Claude Lajeunesse promises to make Concordia an "internationally ranked" university by the end of his 5 year mandate. Well, I hope he can do it!

On top of the acquisition of the Grey Nuns property and the future John Molson building, Concordia needs to raise at least another $200 Million in order to build more student residences, a student union buiding, and upgraded athletic facilities on both campuses.

Also, Concordia needs to raise their research income from their present $25 Million to over $100 Million to be comparable to comprehensive research intensive universities like Guelph and Waterloo .

The biggest challenge for Concordia is not just raising the money to construct new facilities, but raising it´s reputation outside of greater Montreal and Quebec.

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OH my. Claude is very ambitious, but what he does not understand is that he will have to raise tuition to transform Concordia, and he will also have to raise admission standards in the arts and sciences. He doesnt know what he is up against at Concordia. There are way too many lefties at Concordia. Oh Claude, if there exists a god, he better be on your side!

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concordia will become a decent university by 2010 i believe. We just need to try our best to make more students apply and put Concordia as their first choice and not a safety school to McGill, Montreal and Laval.
We are great in some ways but we are the worst in some ways. we all know it.

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The only program that is harder to get into than Mcgill is commerce (only for cegep applicants). For now, the strengths of concordia are:

-Business (MBA, finance and accounting)
-Engineering (Mech, electrical, aerospatial, building)
-Fine arts (best in Canada)
-Journalism + communications
-Actuarial mathematics
-Masters in public administration (Mcgill doesnt have that)

I know concordia has many other good programs, but they have limited enrollment and are not very well regarded + they are really easy to get into. If concordia wants to raise its status, they must raise admission standards and raise tuition. In the end, its all about financial resources.

Do you agree?

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Anything is possible! I know Concordia´s new president will do great things to lead Concordia over the next five years.

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