UofT or McGill?

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Subject: UofT or McGill?
Undecided. Any thoughts?
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McGill. You will have much bigger exposure to bilingualism.

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Wow you´re rather vague aren´t you?

It´s like asking Harvard or MIT? Well if you´re studying engineering, then a Harvard degree isn´t any better than a Michigan degree! Likewise, you´d be crazy to go in MIT to pursue a History major.

You´re so vague that I think you´re just a troll who wants to get these two schools arguing.

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you´re right that was pretty vague. well i want to study biology and know that academically the schools are both so good that it won´t make much of a difference which one i go to. so i guess i´d rather know what people have to say about montreal vs toronto, as i´ve only visited both for short periods of time and never gotten a good feel as to what living in these cities would be like. i´ve heard montreal is as european as you can get in north america, is this really true? just any likes and dislikes about either city would be highly appreciated. thanks
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i live in montreal and i did degrees at Mcgill and Concordia and I have to say that Montreal is nothing like Europe but compared to other cities in Canada, it would be i guess. Anyway, there is definitely segregation between english and french speaking people in montreal and being an anglophone at an english university, you will most likely have only english friends and mostly be in english speaking atmospheres and will not be exposed to quebec culture except when you go to a bar or to the store unless you make an effort to do so. so you´re experience in montreal will probably not differ much from toronto.

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