York excels in 2005 Globe & Mail survey

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Subject: York excels in 2005 Globe & Mail survey
TORONTO, November 2, 2005 -- York University students gave their university an ´overall satisfaction´ rating of B+ in this year?s Globe & Mail University Report Card (2005) published today, outranking other large Canadian institutions in the highly competitive category of large universities (enrolment over 25,000 full-time students).

York students rated the university particularly highly in the following areas, ranking York first or second among the 10 universities featured in the over 25,000+ category.

In addition to the above high points, 41 of the 57 measures tracked by the Globe survey since 2002 have moved upward, while the rest remained steady. None of the remaining measures have moved down.

"It´s great that students are noticing across-the-board improvements and we are particularly pleased that high marks are all directly connected to the academic life of the University,? said Robert Tiffin, York?s Vice President Students. ?As Canada´s third largest university -- commuter-based and in a large metropolis -- it´s hard for us to compete with small, residential universities on certain softer measures. This survey shows that York delivers academically, offering real choice and a quality experience."

"The overall satisfaction rating is very high, especially when you consider the complexity of the university experience,? added York´s Chief Marketing & Communications Officer Richard Fisher. ?The fact that York?s long-term measures are trending upwards is also an excellent sign for the future." Upward trends included atmosphere and overall attractiveness of the campus.

2005 is the Globe & Mail?s fourth annual survey of 37 Canadian universities and is based on the perceptions of 26,198 students at their respective institutions across Canada. Surveys were completed online during June 2005. Approximately 1,480 York students completed the survey.

Real York student
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This is a funny post. It doesn´t matter that York Students gave their University an overall satisfaction of B+, because the poeple that really matter, ´Employers´, gave York a grade of B-, which by-the-way is almost dead last, and if you ask me, totally disgraceful.
I can understand the York Mentallity, Mediocre students who wants to compete with the better schools, but are at York because they could not get into the better schools.
Maybe you should boast once you outrank other universities in the perception of employers. I would not boast about what I thought of my own university, I would boast about the overall perception.

I guess all York students can do on this board is name calling. York´s credibility has been totally destroyed by simple facts and all they can do is throw insults. This is why York can never be seen as leaders of tomorrow and innovative.

(in reply to: York excels in 2005 Globe & Mail survey)
hahahaa, funniest post ever.

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haha york tries so hard...

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