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Subject: York or McGill
I´m an international student and got accepted to both for economics. Which should I pick and why?
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Pick York. At McGill you´ll most likely be stuck in very large classes with little or no access to your professors (who´ll often be away attending conferences while getting their grad students to teach). York is young and dynamic and treats its students with a bit more respect!
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Both are great universities for economics. It is really what city you want to live in: Toronto or Montreal.

PICk mcgill (in reply to: York or McGill)
york is not even in the same league as mcgill. mcgill has history tradition and reputation. york is just a school sfor students who cant make it to U o T.

But in terms of marks it will be eay to get good grades at york since you will be compteting with not so taleneted students, whil at mcgill competetion will be high.

Take my advice and go for mcgill. You wont regret this decision froma strnager. PLuse the girls are way prettier at mcgill. while york is filled with chinese, who dont speak with non-chinese or non-white.

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That comment from ´chicco´ or whatever your name is is not true. York is a great university but realistically speaking, McGill is better-it is older, nicer campus, in downtown Montreal and has a medical school.

York however has alot of things McGill cannot boast namely a better biz school, more on-campus life, a bigger campus, better political science, fine arts and law programs.

For science, go to McGill. It is better by far however.

York and McGill are alike in the sense of being a commuter school. Alot of York/McGill students live at home. York has way more residences than McGill but McGill has a larger Student Village (Milton) than York´s Student Village/Ghetto (Shoreham).

Montreal has a better party scene than Toronto by far. I am from Kingston so I am very neutral.


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