IT at York Or Ryerson?

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Subject: IT at York Or Ryerson?
Which university do you think would be the best for the Information Technology course? I hear that Ryerson is more well known for it´s IT program and is more hands on. But everyone says York is a more prestigious school to attend.

Which uni will provide me with a better opportunity to find a job when i get out? How diverse is the population of each school? How do the facilities compare etc.

Any info at all would be appreciated.

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These words don´t mix very well:

"prestige" and "york"
"IT" and "york"
"ryerson" and "known for it´s IT program"
"ryerson", "york", and "find a job"
"ryerson" and "diversity"

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Ok, well that really wasn´t very helpful. I don´t have a choice so thanks for putting them down like that. You could have at least explained your reasoning.

What kind of people are at Ryerson?

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This message is for the high school dropout who thinks he/she is Macleans. Just to let you know, Ryerson is a good university and we have alot of deviersity. We have alot of asians, blacks, browns, white and international kids.

And as for insulting York, I will have you know that I heard it is pretty darn good too.

UofT is also pretty good and Western as well.

This is Canadam, not the US. All the schools here are all public and have the same basic systems and academics.

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To the person above:

"diviersity" "alot" "Canadam"

Yup, I can tell you go to Ryerson. And as for your response to the "Maclean´s wannabe", his response was bang-on.

And as for your statment that all universities in Canada have to same basic systems and academics - come on, can you *really* compare Queen´s or McGill to Ryerson?

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no you cannot....

Ryerson is balls even I go there and i know that it is absoulute crap and the teachers suck and there is no campus life and there is alot of crime in the area (very recently). I commute at home from Brampton and it is like I never left my Brampton highschool cause all of them are at Ryerson.

Ryerson is the bottom of the barrel and I am transfering out as soon as I get my GPA in order.

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Yup, I´m with you buddy. I was just fortunate enough to realize all this within my first three weeks there in the journalism program. I got out as fast as I could and will be attending Queen´s Commerce in the fall. And I will never look back...
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definitely ryerson. ryerson is better for technological thing, I think the degree name is BBA[IS], right? or BBA[IT]? They are well-known in work.

yo, what do you mean by no campus life? Playing around and having parties in residence everyday is "campus life", isn´t that what you mean by campus life? That´s a feking bs that someone told me about choosing university.

That´s not a factor for choosing university. university is place where to learn the real knowledge, not for parties.

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I agree, The IT program at Ryerson is much better then the one in York. I suggest you go to both of their website and check their curriculum for each program.
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Hey Guys,
Ryerson is actually great depending on what you want to study-it DOES have the best journalism, theatre, fashion, it´s good for interior design, graphic comm., and any image arts/media programs. Don´t go there for a general arts degree, they hardly offer that kind of thing, if you want a degree in english or whatever, go to U of T or wherever, Ryerson is really good for specific things, not general stuff. And I´ve heard IT is great there, BTW

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ITM program of Ryerson is a lot better than that ofYork...


a simple fact.

I´ve seen some some Chinese guys from mainland paying money to get into York...

That´s how suck York uni is...

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well, Ryerson´s ITM is not better than York, its the best in Canada

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