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Subject: rep of canada schools in U.S.
Should I transfer back to a U.S. school? Am at UofT working so much harder than I think I would in US (where I´m from) that my GPA is barely 3.0. Want to go to med school but not with 3.0. I Took many AP classes in h.s. and had 4.8 GPA so I thought I´d do okay. What is rep. of Canada schools in the U.S - are they even known besides in, say, Buffalo, Boston, Detroit (let alone the south where I´m from)
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Well sorry to say this but... you will have problems getting in to grad school with a 3.0, you´ll need about a 3.5 to be competitive. UofT´s med school for example has an average entrance GPA of about 3.88.. their law school is 3.8, and all their other grad schools are usually 3.5+. If you are still in first year then it´s better to act early... either switch schools, switch to another program, or start studying harder. The good news is that alot of schools will only look at your last few years, so there´s still time to pull yourself together and start acing your courses.

UofT is known pretty well among academics in the US... this will make your life easier when applying to grad school, but keep in mind it´s still going to be very hard to get in to grad school with a 3.0 GPA (although you will probably get in somewhere).

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depends wich uni in usa u wanna transfer to, if ur goin to harvard for example, duh u shud go there, wil be much better!

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