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Subject: Electrical Engineering
Hello all! I am currently doing my GCE A Levels.(British System)
I want to study Ele Engineering at a Canadian University...which should I chose and why?

U of T
U o BC

Let me brag a little..
got 10 A´s at GCE O Levels scoring the highest marks from my country in two subjects....
I already got my AS results of Math Phys and Chem...3 A´s ..A2 will be in June...expecting all A´s...will have 4 A´s in total at the end of the two years of my A Levs..if all goes well!

Please help...and thou shall be blessed...(yeah rite!)
Thanks in advance!~:-)~!

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In terms of prestige:

UofT and Waterloo are the two leading engineering schools in Canada.

After that, from your list, comes UBC and McGill.

Followed by Alberta, then Ryerson.

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Well, let me just clarify another point.
--> Yes I do indeed want prestige stamped onto my degree, and I want top-notch quality assurance too...so which should I chose then?
--> I am an international student who will be coming all the way from Bangladesh...could anyone also let me know if Co-Ops are available to internationals on study permits?

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Yes coop programs are available to all students.

Co-op programs (in reply to: Electrical Engineering)
no, co-op or internships are not applicable to international students.

and U of T has the best engineering school in canada (Gourman Report) and has the best international reputation, if you want to go back to india after you graduate.

Scott t
Don't try to piss me off! (in reply to: Electrical Engineering)

We are not INDIANS!!! With all due respect to indians, we are just a country surrounded completely by India.
A bit of history for everyone: We lost 3 million lives in a nine-month war to earn our independence from Pakistan.
Bangladesh: Born on 16th December, 1971.
I think 34 years is a long time enuf to be known all thru the world. Please have your knowledge corrected! Thanks...

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Try Imperial College London for engineering, I dont understand why you want to move to Canada.
imperial college london. (in reply to: Electrical Engineering)
I have a friend at Imperial who´s studying Chem Eng. He tells me that Electrical Engineering at Imperial is not the best in UK. Also, I have checked their courses out and they are TOOO specialised at the undergraduate level. I prefer to study a wider range. I chose Canada, also because it is less expensive than UK, accepts British A LEvels and doesn´t require the SATs and has international reputation for education quality.
Thank you for ur advice anyway! I wanted to go to Imperial in the beginning, but their courses put me off...
They don´t have an Electrical and Electronic combined degree...it´s either "Electrical" or "Electronic and Information Systems"....any more answers are always welcome!!!

Sorry for my previous response...i was really mad!
More responses always welcome!!! Thanks!!!

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same thing

request information to study engneering in cadian university (in reply to: Electrical Engineering)
hello sir,
i have passed my Hsc in pakistan, i want to do graduation in electrical engneering in canada.so kindly tell me the procedure of fees, and all requirments.
i ´ll be thankful to u.
with best wishes
Aamir Khan Shaikh

Aamir khan
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you´ll get into UofT no problem, the acceptance rate is 90%

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