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Subject: U of T or York BBA/Bcomm
Hey, Im currently in grade 10. I am interested in becoming an investment banker or something related. Which program would be better for me the U of T BComm in commerce and economics or the BBA from York? What about starting salaries, which would be better? And the percent of people who find jobs when graduating?

Also, my average is about 86%. The York BBA cutoff last year was 88.5% and 2 years ago 90.5%. What year do they lok at? If you apply in December of grade 12, then they will not even get your 1st semester grade 12 marks!

What is the admission average for the U of T BComm? Its going to be tough to try to get a 90% for York.

Thanks for all your help with my future!

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go to Schoolich, one of the best in North America
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Actually, the rankings of business schools in Canada (according to Canadian Business Magazine) are as follows:

Western (Ivey)
U of T (Rotman)

If I had to choose between Rotman and Schulich, personally I´d go with Rotman - it´s an older program.

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older program yes, better program no... schulich is better for undergrad
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Kyle, it appears
a: you´re asking too many obvious questions thats an 85%´er shouldn´t be asking.
b: you don´t understand ´research´(which will dampen your effectiveness at a business programme)
c: starting salary depends on a wealth of criteria, other than university / programm (although i agree, its the generic question)
d: in the long run (trust me) what university you decide to undertake your undergrad is irrelevant - it´s all about how you interact with the studies, have the motivation to propell yourself above and beyond acadmics, application, ambition, personality, interpersonal skills..
e: personally, take a good, long hard look at each and every course you´ll be doing from semester to semester / day to day. It´s the area that EVERYBODY fails to focus on. (they are different from uni to uni)
Take it easy, and diversify you skills. Academics is 40%.
(ps Read ´the student success manifesto´ 0-9740411-1-4)

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Oh, one more thing.
Focus on achieving the entrance requirements etc for the relevant designation of your prospective career choice (CA, CFP, CFA, CFS, AAMS, CIM). Your university (and the choice of university) is just a stepping stone to achive the industry standards.

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with an 85%, you cannot even dream of getting into York´s business program. You really need to consider another university to attend. Sorry about that but dont waste your time.
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It´s difficult to measure starting salaries for undergrad since so many people go on to do MBAs. Rotman(UofT) has about a 103k average salary after 3 years and Schulich has around 88k - taken from Financial Times. BusinessWeek is about the same, Rotman grads make about 10k more on average. This is ofcourse, assuming all you care about is money.
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i dont think businees is for me, I was researching different possibilities and business caught my eye because of the money, but I dont think Id enjoy doing jobs that BBAs and BComs get. Ill need to keep looking.
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Yeah, you do that. To survive in the business world you will need to have passion and drive, not an incentive to make money.

Good luck Kyle. U of T is always a viable option for GTA kids who do not know what they want to do.

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first of all, the undergrad. Bcom prog. at U of T is NOT offered by Rotman. So basically, goin to UofT for Bcom doesnt mean ur goin to the Rotman school of management.

the top undergrad b-schools in canada are:
Ivey: Western
Schulich: York

and u should consider the strengths of the b-schools, for example, Schulich is known for marketing and international management, whereas ivey is stronger than Schulich in teh finance dept.

some other good b-schools outside ontario are:

Sauder: Uni of British Columbia
John Molson: Concordia

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About the above post, that is inaccurate. The U of T Commerce program is a combination of courses offered by the Department of Economics AND the Rotman School of Management. Students have to take management courses that are only taught by Rotman professors.

Between Schulich and Rotman, it depends on what stream of business interests you most. U of T places HEAVY EMPHASIS on accounting, and much less on other areas. Another thing to consider for students who are financially strapped is that the U of T Commerce program is much more expensive in comparison to Schulich´s BBA program. Why? Because COmmerce is a deregulated program, making their tuition almost double York´s.


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