mcgill or ubc for int'l politics/modern languages?

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Subject: mcgill or ubc for int'l politics/modern languages?
hey all, i´m an american student attempting to transfer to either mcgill or ubc. i´m currently at a pretty hippie liberal-arts college (which i don´t like obviously, not only because half my friends are permafried but also because everyone belongs to the upper-middle class, which leads to a homogeneity of ideas), doing well but not necessarily used to traditional curricula. i am interested in both international politics and modern languages (of which i am taking three this semester alone). which is a better university for my interests? although i like the idea of ubc´s interdisciplinary major, does mcgill have a better program for what i am interested it? another reason i´m interested in mcgill is its location in a french-speaking region. is vancouver also a multilingual city or possessed of a sizable french- or chinese-speaking minority? any reply would be greatly appreciated...don´t be shy now. :-p


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You´ve posted before (a real cut & paste person, aren´t you?). Anyway, if you want to get away from the bubble of a rich, private, hippie-fied liberal arts college (are you at Bard, by any chance?) and want to attend a much larger, more representative university in a buzzing cosmopolitan city, my advice is this:

(1) UBC is cool but definitely not an urban college. If you´re looking for green open space on the outskirts of vancouver, then fine, go there. Academics are good too. (2) McGill has good academics too but is ever so dull. It´s the kind of place populated by people who wish they were at Harvard but don´t have the money/brains to do so. It´s one saving grace is its location in downtowm Montreal.

Now Montreal is as a good a reason to go to college as any. It´s (in my opinion) the best place in Canada to be student. So here´s a suggestion and its up to you to check it out: Concordia is hip, modern, multicultural and has excellent Poli Sci / Modern Languages departments. Go there!!


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