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Subject: Waterloo Or Queens
For Computer Science, should one go for Waterloo or Queens? According to http://www.adm.uwaterloo.ca/infoucal/MATH/comp_sci.html it says ´Graduates of this option do not qualify for the professional engineering designation´ for two of the three options. Does Queens offer ´professional designation´ and what is the significance of this?


Feliz Navidad
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Uh... were you expecting queens to offer that designation? Do you even know what it is? Why would you expect a professional engineering certificate if you are doing comp sci?!? That´s like... asking for a certificate on how to make cars when you are studying biology!!! Software engineers sometimes get them.
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Oh and to answer your questions,

The cert gives you better chances of landing jobs if you are an engineer

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Okay. Say I go to Waterloo. What are the chances of succesfully transfering to Computer Engineering? I kind of applied for the wrong option and the deadline for Comp Eng has passed.
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Hi, I´m considering either going into electrical or chemical engineering and even possibly computer engineering
Is waterloo better or queens?
I really like waterloo´s program eg. coop and maybe the MBA engineering combined degree, but i a lota friends r going to queens and its also a good university...and they´re giving me 6 times the amount of scholarship that waterloo ($2000) is giving me...


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