Which university is the best for Math?

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Subject: Which university is the best for Math?
From what I have read so far, the best universities in canada are UofT, McGill, UBC, and Queens, I was accepted by all of these universities, but I chose University of waterloo at the end, cuz ppl said it´s the best for Math. I think I´m going to get a statistics major, but I´m wondering if I should transfer to a better university, like UofT. I´m definitely going to grad school after graduation, but I wanna go to a graduate school in the US, do they care about which university I graduated from in Canada? Should I transfer to a more famous university now?
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I would chose either Waterloo, UofT or McGill.

All have excellent programs. If you are thinking of going to grad school in the US, I would recommend UofT or McGill. These 2 schools are more known in the US with a long history and big alumni. Waterloo does attract top math students for undergrad, but the profs at McGill and especially UofT can not be compared. Another thing you may want to consider is that UofT and McGill tends to attract more grad students (in general for all programs and math). I´m not saying Waterloo is "2nd best", if I were to rank the schools UofT would get a 9.90, McGill 9.89, and Waterloo 9.88. The difference is so marginal, all 3 are great choices.

I highly recommend you visit the schools before you choose. I guarantee that if you see the schools in person, your decision will be easy.

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If you´re going for math, waterloo is a great choice. You´ll find lots of like minded math people there. Remember to think about things like the campus environment, U of T is right downtown so if you´re not comfortable in a big city environment you won´t enjoy it that much.
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If you´re worried about the school´s reputation for Grad school, I wouldn´t worry one iota about whether Waterloo would be well known enough in North America. Look at, for example, the Putnam contest winners, and you´ll see Waterloo right near the top consistently.

The school´s reputation for CS is similar -- extremely good where it exists (which it does in grad schools), but not known very broadly.


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