Definitely choose U of T over York

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Subject: Definitely choose U of T over York
Generally speaking, in my own opinion, York?s reputation is very poor with its poor school image. Why? It seems like Toronto?s second school. No school spirit and no history. It doesn?t have a medical school and good engineering programs. Poor in science and lack of funding from governments and the private sectors compared with U of T.
And.. York states itself as a liberal arts school but..... it doesnt have its own university press or the school of english.
Please consider the student quality, faculty quality, reputation of school, operating budget per student, university resources such as library holdings and acquisitions, student services before you apply.
I guess you will feel much much more proud if you say you are a U of T student rather than York. You can see so many people wearing U of T jackets, shirts and baseball caps but not too many people wearing York?s. Think of it.

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