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Subject: Getting into UofT
Just wondering - What is the easiest major to be accepted in at U of T as an undergraduate? Is it English?
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Why would you want to go to U of T just to study anything? Why waste your time just studying something you probably dislike for 4 years?

Go to Ryerson where you can study something relevant!

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All the humanities at UofT probably have the same cut-off, and it will of course be lower than the sciences or commerce or whatever.

For the poster above: Some people don´t score good grades in high school and still want to get into a certain school. They can always change their major once they´re in.

And if you don´t know what you want to do with your degree, you are MUCH better off doing a liberal arts or comprehensive major instead of pigeonholing yourself with an applied program from Ryerson. Better to get a BA or a BSc first before studying journalism or telecommunications at Ryerson.

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GetinUT, you belong at York.
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it´s easy to get into UofT in general, the acceptance rate is 90.12% according to Maclean´s

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