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Subject: Urgent.
Hi... I am from Lebanon and willing to study in Canada.I applied to Concordia University without knowing if its good or bad.I have high grades and would like to go to top university.So can anyone tell me if Concordia University is that bad as i read in this forum.I want to study engineering.Thanks anywayz
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Quite good and respected University.
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Come to Concordia! They have a new engineering and computer science building. Its amazing! You will not regret it.

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haha.....concordia is a joke.
no one will ever take it seriously.
I say go to western, york, queens or waterloo before you can even consider concordia.

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Hi, I´m too an International student currently studying at one international colleges in high school, and will enter Canadian University by this September.

You can say that I have made a considerable amount of research in University. Well, perhaps I know too much :)

and basically, I really want to relay that Concordia University is somehow be an example of how a "standard" university where simply middle-grade Canadian students can apply. Their average entry for most program is 75-85. This grade, you could imagine as a provincial standard.

Well, if you think your grades are extremely high then you should try to choose better University, especially if you seek engginering program you can try

-University of Toronto
-McGill University
-Queen University
-McMaster University (somehow)
-Ryerson (somehow)

and.. currently these universities which I know so far, are the best among other Canadian universities. I won´t say that my opinion is absolutely valid, therefore all contradicting opinion may be as valid as mine.

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Concordia is a decent university. Not amazing

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