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Subject: DONT GO TO YORK.... -read

im a 4th year honors student at york (scholarships, whatever)

all i can say is that york is probably the biggest mistake ive ever made in my life.

....why i go to the best school on earth... haha

1)my profs dont speak english

2) class averages ~60-63% max because they have to kick people out to let new people in

3) non existant social life

4) 2 days before an exam when you go see your prof (and also your program director), knock on his door and ask "may i ask you a question sir", he says no and shuts the door right infront of your face

"Hidden" Grade policies:

mean not higher than between 65%
not more than 60% of grades higher than C+
usually not more than 10% A´s

York Student
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i could add more im just lazy now, but in all your time and money
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^ The above poster is refering to U of T and not York.

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Except for the professors not speaking english, that sounds exactly like UofT. Imagine that!
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To the original poster:
All of your above ´fact´s you have shared about York, are only your experiences. If you had one bad prof, how can you generalize that ALL of York´s profs are bad? Personally, I have been here for 2 years, and I havent had ONE single bad prof. They have all been sweet, and cosiderate of us doing well in their classes.
As for the ´non-existant´ social life, maybe you just dont have any friends? Because York has a great social life. Maybe not so much for the res kids on weekends and whatnot, but Thursday night Pub Nights are indeed a very social aspect of York. We also have those huge parties that are thrown in the commons in the beginning of the year (YorkFest). There´s also many many activities and goings on for people to meet new people. Maybe you just dont make an effort.

With all that, I´m glad I picked York. Not only is York great for my major that I am currently doing, but for the people there as well. Believe it or not, there´s a more sense of community at York than what you would find at St. George downtown.

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UTSC profs can´t speak proper English too.
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I guess it all depends on your major...

This is my 4th year and out of all the courses ive taken so far, i only had 2 good profs!

as for the social life, you cannot compare it to any non-commuter school... the bottom line is ..its a commuter school..which makes it shit for social life. i have tons of friends at york and that still doesnt solve it. its absolutely not comparable, when i go visit my friends @ mcgill, western, mcmaster, queens!
thats the bottom line

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If you study hard sciences, at any school, you´re at serious risk of getting an Aspie professor.

Brilliant mind + brilliant research /= good teacher

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thats why large universities suck

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