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Subject: Concordia vs McGill business
Hello, I´m looking in to doing a MBA. Which program is better and why? Thanks,


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Mcgill is better ranked in business school rankings and average salaries are higher, although I am not sure what the % increase is. I think the John Molson MBA and the Mcgill MBA are very similar. The admission requirements are the same for both universities, thus the students are of similar intelligence and quality. I would have a look at the faculty of both schools. I believe the faculty at concordia (JMSB) is better than that of mcgill. (Although Mintzberg is at mcgill, he started his own MBA program...)

The campus at Concordia is not very nice compared to Mcgill, and the new john molson building will not be finshed until 2007.

I think it depends on what you want to do after you graduate. Some schools are better with management while others are better with finance, marketing or operations research. You might want to have a look at the curriculums of both schools.

In summary it is hard to say which is better, but I know that Mcgill´s reputation is better, although I don´t know why.

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This is a difficult one. There are various rankings (The Times UK, Forbes, Business Week, Wall Street Journal etc) in which one or the other school tops the other. Granted, McGill is older and is therefore better known. Concordia, on the other hand, is considered by many to be the more innovative of the two and has better faculty. Judging by the number of competitions that Molson students win, it certainly seems the more dynamic of the two schools. The requirements for both schools are pretty similar and I would judge their respective student bodies more in terms of program preference etc than academic performance per se. If you want an old school brand and a traditional campus experience, than opt for McGill. If you want a modern, cutting edge business school (with consistently the largest research output of any Quebec business school) with a forthcoming state-of-the art facilities, then Molson is where its at. I mean, the LSE operates out of a bunch of old office buildings smack in the middle of central London, and the lack od campus hasn´t exactly hurt its reputation!
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You get a better business education if you graduate from Concordia (John Molson) compared to McGill. Concordia consistently beats McGill in head-to-head business competitions.

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