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I´ve applied to u of t commerce at st george, i still need to send them my interm marks from second semester, my grade 12 marks are (by the way i´m from nova scotia so some courses might have different names here,
english 12 - 86%, Computer Related Studies - 95%, global geography - 89%, law 12 - 96%, pre-calculus 80%, business managment - 99%, economics 12 - 87%, political sicence 12 - 86%, calculus 12 - 76%

will i get into u of t commerce???

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yes u will, the average to get into UofT Commerce is 80-85%, so ur in that range. btw i also applied to this program and im from toronto and they still havent sent me a reply even tho my average is over 90 so i dunno exactly wats goin on.
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The average for the St George campus commerce is high 80s. UTM Commerce is low to mid 80s. UTSC mid 80s. Good luck.
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It is really easy to get into St. George commerce when comparing to Ivey, Schulich and Queens.

U of T remains a decent science university but never can be with the big boys of Western, York and Queens for business.

The entrance to get in for Bachelors degree goes as follows:

UofT: 80 - 89%
Western: 85 - 90%
York: 88.5 - 92%
Queens: 82.5- 89.5%

Check out the info from Canadian Business magazine.

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isn´t Wilfred Laurier on the same level as queens, york, and western when it comes to business schools? i´ve heard that the business program at laurier is one of the best in the country, is this true?

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Also, i´ve already been accepted to Laurier, does anyone know which business school is better, laurier or u of t?

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OMG, Laurier is no where near the top. The big boys of business schools in Canada are Western, York and Queens. Even UofT is better to go for business than Laurier.

Laurier is still a small school with small opportunities.

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hey, your case isn´t that bad, i think your admission average is 90.2, although people from outside ontario has a higher requirement, but i think you can get in.

I hope that everyone here realize that ranking/reputation stuff in about the whole world, instead just a tiny canada. In reality, U of T has a best international ranking in Canada, folowed by UBC, Alberta, Macmaster, queens, and Waterloo. (In order) Furthermore, in international MBA ranking, western is the best, followed by UT, york, and then Mcmaster. (Please notice MBA ranking can reflects the quality the school has in commerce/management/business etc)

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