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Subject: A Question about Admision?
At the time I´m studying metallurgical engineering in
Amir Kabir University of Tehran(Iran)(Premier Poly-
technic) and I am very interested to continue my
education whether in my field or in managment , I
have 2 important questions in this regard :
1-First I want to know : if I finish my studies in
this field ( metallurgy ) and get my M.S ; Is it
possible for me to get an admission from one of
canadian Universitys to continue my education in
another field for instant : Managment or business.
2 - And secondly I want to know about Job-
opportunities for a metallurge engineer in canada.
It Would be very appreciateable to khow your opinions.

Yaghoubi Houman
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It would depend on which transfer credits were recognized. I know that sometimes people with professional foreign credentials have a tough time getting them recognized here although getting another degree is probably easier. As an example, registered psycologists from the UK have to take special courses here and then undergo testing & supervision before their qualifications are officially recognized. I´m not sure what the process would be here, it probably depends on where you´re applying so you would have to check with the individual universities. For example U of T, has an equivalency listing on their website:


which states that for Iran:

Master´s Minimum Admission Requirements:

Four year Bachelor´s Degree Equivalent: Bachelor`s
Mid-B Equivalent: 80% or 3.5/4.0 or 15/20

Doctoral Minimum Admission Requirements:

Master´s Degree Equivalent: Master`s

However, keep in mind that all universities might not have the same requirements.

As far as job prospects go I would think you´ll find them quite good. Canada has a resource intensive economy, and I´m sure metallurgical engineers would be useful. You´d pribably find work either with firms in the major cities like Toronto, Vancouver etc. or in mining areas like Northern Ontario, Alberta, NWT etc. You can check out http://www.workopolis.com which lists jobs advertised in Canadian newspapers.

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Btw, I found this while researching engineering, it might help a little (although it deals with Ontario prospects): http://www.edu.gov.on.ca/eng/general/postsec/openingdoors/apt/engineer.html

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