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Subject: Great Online Swap Site!

Just wanted to share this site with everyone! Its a great site for students or anyone wanting to swap their new/used items.

This site is based on a coupon system so you dont have to send money to strangers like the other on-line buy & sell sites out there. You use coupons in exchange for items like books, furniture, electronics, clothing... and more.

Also....They are just starting out and are waving the user fees and membership is free.

Highly Recommended!


Lisa Rogers
Thanks for the tip (in reply to: Great Online Swap Site!)
Thank you Lisa for your tip.

I found some great things to decorate my new apartment and some things that wernt even opened (brand new) for birthday/christmas gifts.

This site, so far, has saved me a lot of money that I never had. I too recommend this site to other users.

Thanks again Lisa;



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