Space Engineering @ York U is GREAT ! (must read)

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Subject: Space Engineering @ York U is GREAT ! (must read)
York?s Space Engineering is one of its kind in Canada !

Space Engineering

York is the only university in Canada offering this program!
York?s Space Engineering program prepares graduates for cutting-edge careers in the space industry, space agencies, and graduate programs ranging from pure sciences such as physics and astronomy to advanced engineering graduate schools such as aerospace engineering. While enrolled in some courses in common with the highly successful Space and Communication Sciences (SCS) program, you will also acquire the additional engineering design components necessary to fulfill accreditation requirements.

The space engineering program will train you in the new technologies used in satellite and space missions while also providing a thorough grounding in applied mathematics, physics and computer science. The fourth year Engineering Project course will give you valuable exposure to frontiers of space engineering and exploration.

What makes Space Engineering unique?

A major advantage over traditional engineering school approaches lies in York?s strong foundational approach:

science- and mathematics-related courses are as strong as those for science majors
upper year courses in space communications, orbital mechanics, mission design, etc. are taught by faculty with practical experience and active research programs in these areas
engineering design, taught by professional engineers, prominent in all upper year courses
In this way the program caters to students who wish to pursue a career in the Canadian space industry or in the growing number of applications that accelerate economic growth and improve our standard of living.

Take full advantage of access for supervised projects in research laboratories including the Centre for Vision Research, the York University Astronomical Observatory, and the Centre for Research in Earth and Space Science (CRESS).

Apply for one or more optional supervised work terms - we?ll help you find paid employment with a company in the space and/or communications industry for up to sixteen months.

Welcome to York University?s new School of Engineering.
"In response to the needs of engineering in the 21st century, we offer three exciting modern engineering programs: Computer Engineering, Geomatics Engineering (unique in Ontario) and Space Engineering (unique in Canada). York University?s engineering programs were developed to reflect the modern view of engineering and to teach the skills needed in the engineering profession today. Modern concepts of engineering such as interdisciplinary teamwork, written and oral communication skills, the environment, ethics, and project management are fully integrated into the programs." . Of course, solid foundations in the fundamental areas of engineering are not compromised.

Engineering at York was founded in 2001 and the first of our pioneering students graduated in 2005. York University is committed to successful accreditation of all our engineering programs. The new School of Engineering was founded to provide a unique and dynamic engineering environment within the Faculty of Science and Engineering. The school now consists of approximately 200 undergraduate students and 15 dedicated full-time faculty. Experienced professional engineers from industry also contribute to the teaching. The Technology Internship Program (TIP), located in the Career Centre, coordinates an optional internship program for students between their third and fourth years of engineering.

By virtue of its relatively small size, the School of Engineering offers a highly personalized environment for our students. Our position within the Faculty of Science and Engineering ensures access to excellent laboratories, libraries, and opportunities for interdisciplinary learning. Similarly, the faculty teaching the program are at the cutting edge of their research fields, which include underwater robotics, Mars exploration, satellite instrumentation, radio telescopes, communication systems, networks, microelectronics and sensors, virtual reality, digital mapping, global positioning systems, and 3-D satellite imaging, to name but a few.

For more information about our engineering programs, I invite you to browse through our web site to explore further how your career can benefit from an education at York University?s School of Engineering. I believe that the combination of skills possessed by engineers ? technical, mathematical, business, societal, communication ? really does make engineers the leaders of tomorrow. I encourage you to take the next step on this journey by joining the School of Engineering at York University.

York?s Modern Approach to Engineering:
Solid technical background in a variety of engineering and science disciplines
Design content fully integrated into all years of the programs
Core design courses foster interdisciplinary collaborations
Emphasis on career skills - communications, project management, and teamwork
Small engineering program alllows for individual student attention
Common first year allows you to seamlessly switch engineering streams or intto science programs after first year

YOrk UniVersiTy
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Leave it to Yorkers to copy & paste.
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York´s engineering programs are so great and accredited.
I am so jealous.

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note to all york engineering students: your program is NOT accredited. this is a fact. (messange intended for those york students who will likely take the above post literally)
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Has anyone wondered why York is not PEO accredited? Hmmmm the student body doesn´t seem capable of handling it. If they post articles of Space engineering, I a pretty sure they will catch some dummies, i mean yorkies to join these program. You can´t call yourself an engineer if you graduate from YORK, get it???

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