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Was the cut-off´s for Mcmaster always 82! Damn thats pretty damn high. People who went to Uni before said "oh yea get a 77-80 avg and you´ll get in no prob." Well im at 81 avg and those bastards havent gave me shit yet while everyone around me is!


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the cut off last year was 80 i believe.

i suspect this year there are more life science applicants, hence the higher entrance average.

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great...Another year for me in high school
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if you´re right at cutoff, why are you expecting early offers? you´re not particularly special (compared to other applicants).

if you think an 82 average is high, think again.

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oh well, mcmaster science is not an exceptionally good program either.

it´s not even life science for christ´s sake, it´s first year general science.

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You don´t get to pick your major in first year moron, if you want to go into life science, you gotta take all the required courses in first year.
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