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What are some of the jobs that are really opening up for biology. I heard of a few: 1. Nanotechnology (which i heard was hard as fuck) 2. Biomedical Engineering ( which im kinda interested in) 3. Bioinformatics (which i heard was boring as shit)
Hopefully you people could give me some insight on the topic.

Still i have to worry about getting into uni first..THOSE BASTARDS AT MAC BETTER ACCEPT ME...i might have to repeat im taking Geometry/Calc/Physics all in one semester and im drowning.

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bio+nanotechnology is gonna be huge soon.... im no expert but i read that they made little cars made up of cells or something and it could like hold like nutrients or some crap....anyways its a miniature car made up of biological stuff and its so small that 25,000 of them lined up would be as thick as a piece of paper. all this techonlogy will really come into handy in the future with medical advances as well as everything getting smaller from cellphones to whatever...
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biomedical engineering requires an engineering degree, i doubt a biology degree will get you anywhere.

bioinformatics is also a career with good propsect, i heard that with PhD in bioinformatics you can earn well above 100K.


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