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Subject: MAC -Is it Any good??
Hey guys,

I have gotten into mcmasters, i had applied for engineering with the Co-op program, they let me in but am not elligable for the CO-Op, does that really matter??? and is Mc good for Engineering??

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Everyone i have talked to who as got an offer from Mac has got into NON coop, there is a simple reason for that, it says on my offer package that you apply for coop at the end of your first yr.

Personally i would rate Mac as No 3 for engineering, 1&2 spots are tied between UW and UofT.

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Actually, I think McMaster is 4th for engineering, which is beaten by Queen´s. Queen´s is more reputable in engineering apparently, though I thought the contrary to be true at first.

The reputation of the university you went to does not matter when you´re looking for a job. What you can do is the important thing. Maybe if you have the same qualifications as a UW grad, he´ll get the interview instead of you. Once you get an interview, there´s really no bonus to going to a better school.

If the reputation is a factor when it comes to deciding which university to go to, you can´t go wrong with UofT, UW, Queen´s, or McMaster (this exludes non-Ontario universities).

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^^ i agree totally
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^^I second that

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