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Subject: Carleton
I got accepted into Carletons faculty of Comp Sc with a major in management and business systems.

Now im wondering, say I get into Western or York, would I be better off staying with Carleton? Coz from what i´ve heard, York´s Science department is absolute garbage and UWO is good but not as good as Carleton for Science.

So basically, UWO vs. Carleton vs. York... (keep in mind the major please!)


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For compsci, choose Carleton then York then UWO. York´s science department isn´t hot but its compsci is okay.
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Unless you´re going to UofT or UW, the other computer science programs are only average. You will be even better off with McMaster or Queen´s.
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Ok well obviously if I get into UofT i´ll go there, so there´s really no point in telling me other uni´s that are better, since it doesn´t really answer my question.

Keep em coming please!

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GO UWO!!!!



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