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Subject: Is Uof T better than York
After rding all of the reviews that UofT is soooo much better than York, I decided that I would give my point of view.

I was accepted to UofT and York but I chose to go to York as I didn´t agree with all this hype about UofT. I would also like to add that I have 9.0 averge (Or eh hem, 4.0) in UofT terms), and I am applying to graduate school and chose Uoft as my back up, and again, they were the first to send me a offer letter. But again, I would only go there if I absoulutely had no other choice, as the campuses are old and not attractive, and the people there seem so full of themselves.

As to UofT students better than York, well, I know people who go to UofT and I would say that from what I Know, it does not stand up to the hype.

Okay, so UofT has been aroung longer and naturally, would appear to be better school. But at the end of the day, stop kidding yourselves. UofT is certainly no ivy league school, SO STOP BASHING OTHER SCHOOLS LIKE YOU HAVE THE REPUTATION OF HARVARD.

IF UofT students were soooo much better, take a step back and look at where you guys really stand. Certainly not Ivy League ha ha. WHAT A JOKE....someone needs to pop that dellusional bubble.

Okay, I take that all guys are Ivy League.
yeah right!!!!!

York Student
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Oh great, Uoft newsletters boasting about your dellusional mirror image to Harvard, Lucky, the email was a fake. Idiot
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i don´t go to uoft, you yorkies are so sensitive.

sooooo sensitive.

too sensitive to get laid. your hot girls have to go to the club district to meet UWO students.

whats your degree in? wymyns studies?

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Wow, you sound so intellegent. I better stop being so sensitive or your gonna smart me to death
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so let me get this straight...

you are graduating from york with straight a´s...

you have your pick of grad schools...

and you posted that thing above me? are you really the pride of york?

smart you to death... i´m drunk off my ass... hahah

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Ha ha you are more stupid than I thought. Simply speaking your language. Guess I should have spelled it out for you.
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No !

The uwo MONKEY is right !

YOU have to put thought and CONFIDECNE into you;re posts !



WE are GOOD enough

WE are SMART enough

People LIKE us !!!

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UofT students are generally full of themselves simply because they go to one of Canada´s internationally recognized university. However, York students (and students from other what most people consider inferior universities) constantly bring up this point, as if they´re trying to hide their incompetence.

Students from top tier universities think they´re smarter than everyone else, and students from bottom tier universities think they´re as capable as people who are clearly better.

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I go to U of T and I´m not full of myself or think it´s the best school in Canada. I chose U of T because they have the program I want and it´s in my hometown.

People who keep putting down U of T and York, or any school, have serious issues. Original poster in particular. Get a life! And spend more time in school, your writing sucks ass.

U of T doesn´t think of itself as a Harvard but it does take itself seriously, just like every school takes itself seriously, including York.

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U of T (SG)= Harvard North
hmm.. to ponder. (in reply to: Is Uof T better than York)
A 70% acceptance rate at U of T is hardly selective. A U of T degree like a York Degree is a dime a dozen. How can a school with over 50,000 students consider itself superior? Maybe if the schools were more selective they would live up to their reputations.

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