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Subject: Hello, My name Is Yorkie
My mom is a desperate housewife and my dad is a homosexual. My sister likes it in the butt and she is also from York.

nothing special, eh, just another typical York student´s family.

But the thing is, I sound like a desperate moron, I try to fake that York is no. 1 in Canada all the time in front of international student and tell everyone UofT sucks balls, but in fact, it doesn´t even come close to that. I try to tell the world York has the best business and fine arts and laws, but it fact, they are all second tier, and not to mention the rest of the university is total bullshit.

I know I´m a fucking retarded, and although I seem hate to admit it all the times and still act like I´m right and immortal, I really appreciate all your forgiveness and don´t harass me anymore. I am a very insecure son of a bitch.

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AAAAAWWWWWWWWWWWW. WE ARE UofT OFFICIALLY YOU. Although at times you have made fun of us and called us names, we understand how insecure you feel about attending york.

there there yorkie, there there...

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It amazes my how pathetic you are!!
Obviously written by a U of T student/grad/prof (in reply to: Hello, My name Is Yorkie)
Wow, it is amazing how ignorant some people can be. Each school has it´s own positives and negatives.

If U of T is such a good school, why do they have over 50,000 students and accept almost 70% of applicants into the university? hmm... sounds lie a marketing ploy.

You do realize Macleans polls are just student surveys, of course, everyone at York thinks they are second tier, so they vote that way in the polls. U of T students just vote themselves higher. Duh!


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