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Subject: Complicated?
OK I have an intersting scenario, I live in Buffalo NY, but I am a canadian citizen, but not american citizen. I went to school in canada last year grade 11 and had an average of about 80% in Ontario. My aeage here is around 90% So, what school should I go to for business administration? I want to be near Buffalo/ Niagara Falls. Any quick ideas? Oh it must be a very good school (the best I can get in to that is in Ontario) b/c I want to return to the US.
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UofT, Queen´s, York Schulich, and UWO Ivey are all excellent choices. Different people will have different biases toward each school. Also, I´ve been told that each school has a specific focus (eg. York is more focused on accounting, Queen´s more on human resources. This is not true; it´s just an example.)
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go to CUNY

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all the good b schools are NOT in Onterio. most of these canadains hav never left their township and are would prob be first tier - ivey,queens, york...second tier - mcgill, Ubc, toronto....
this is true and if u say toronto is good it is prob cause u got rejected from every whr else....serisly toronto takes any1


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