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I got acceptance in mechanical engineering from carleton,ryerson,and mcmaster. Which one do u ppl advice me to choose? (in terms of education,location,cost)
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Quality: all Canadian engineering universities are accredited, so there isn´t a big difference between each. Carleton and Ryerson, however, have the only Aerospace program (not a stream with MechE) in Canada, and they also have ties with the industry. Knowing that, I would say Carleton and Ryerson have strong MechE programs. McMaster also has a solid reputation as an engineering university.

Cost: all three are fairly cheap. Actually, all Canadian universities are cheap compared to those in the States. If 2-3k difference a year will make a difference, look up the costs on the websites and scholarship information. Carleton is known for giving out the best scholarships.

Location: if you enjoy downtown Toronto nightlife, Ryerson is a good choice. If nightlife and partying is not a priority, the other two may be a better choice. Engineering demands a lot of your time, and partying 24/7 is not wise for a prospective engineer. If you need to know what each university looks like, you´re going to need to go there; everyone has a different view on each university.

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how do you rate the auto program at uoit and the mech / comp tech at ottawa?

Also chem vs mech at ryerson?



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