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Subject: MBA - Carleton or Concordia
I got accepted to Carleton and Concordia for an MBA. Which one do you guys suggest and why?

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To be honest, I have never heard of those schools having a MBA. Not to be rude, if you did not get accepted to an MBA at one of the top schools like Schulich at York, it doesnt really matter where you do your degree. Doesnt matter if its Concordia, or Windsor etc.

I think that it is more practical to speak with Alumni´s on their experiences and see how they liked it. Make your decision based on which school you think matches what you are looking for most. Put the name aside.

I am a recruiter and I really could not give a dam if the MBA was from UofT or Ryerson.

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Your a recruiter and you´ve never heard of Concordia´s John Molson school of business!?!?

What crappy company do you recruit for?

The Concordia (John Molson) MBA is definitely one of Canada´s top MBAs. The Molson corporation wouldn´t have donated over 10 Million dollars to Concordia if it wasn´t the case.

John Molson does host the most prestigious MBA case competition in Canada. Go check out the John Molson website.

John Molson is the only business school that prepares you for the CFA as well as obtaining your MBA.

CFAs earn a lot more than MBA grads.

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LOL, yes I am sure recruiters post on this message board.

Freakin idiots.

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Canada´s Top 9 MBAs.

Check out the link:


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