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Subject: Carleton vs Ottawa eng
any suggestion? I live nearby and don´t tell me about that UoT or UoW shit.
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hi there, i am an engineering student at U of O. Some people say that engineering is stronger in Carelton, some people say engineering is stronger in Ottawa. Don´t rely on Mclean´s ranking. They rank the universities according which university has more girls with giant asses. Seriously, they are useless.

Engineering in Ottawa is pretty cool and pretty usual. You have a couple of messed up professors and a couple of wacked up courses and that is it. Ofcourse, I am talking about Electrical Engineering.

Consider which one is closer to you, which one will offer you an enterance scholarship, and then go to Ottawa U :)

good luck

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Thanks for the reply. Heard anything about the combo at Ottawa, eng with computing tech? Is it Ok or just a waste of another year? How many students are there for the 1st year labs and lectures?

Finally, Mech vs Chem eng please. Sorry I´m being greedy or just am ignorant.

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There is no big distinction between engineering universities, since all accredited engineering programs basically follow the same standard.

My personal choice would be Carleton. It´s mechanical and aerospace programs are great if you can´t get into one of the big engineering universities. It even has the best physics program in Canada, so anything that deals with physics (ie. mech and aero) has to be good.

Chem has better pay, mech is easier, but both are hard. You can´t ask somebody else to pick a discipline for you because nobody knows which one you like better.

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pick the one that interests you the most, pay differences between different engineering disciplines are usually small anyway and can vary from province to province. It is very important to do what you like.

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