UofT is better than York??

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Subject: UofT is better than York??
UofT just gets the money from the undergrad students and subsidize its grad skool & research activities.
Frankly, York is better than UofT. Come and visit the Keele campus and compare with those 3 campuses from UofT.

UTSC and UTM are just high-school settings and the SG campus is just a mess without a school boundary. The buildings are extremely old and scattered around. The faculty is very good but just only at the grad level. And there are just some dumb and non-native English speaking instructors to teach you in a "400+ seats" lecture theatre.

I am not biased or something, if you want a university life and a real education, go to York.
If you´re just concerned about the reputation only, go to UofT.

For example, York´s biz and law schools are already better than UofT provided that the name York has given a discounted to these 2 schools.

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haha nice i finally found an example of rhetorical questions for my english.
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"I am not biased"

wow..u sure did a good job in covering that up...idiot..
u of t is better...and the sad part about this is i dont even go to uoft...

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Why oh why, i ask you, do u need to try to prove york is anygood? what satisfaction do u get sitting in your smelly room in ur smelly university like institution posting rubbish about york being better than UFT, anyone for that matter? please understand, our pity is all for u unfortunate unlucky peabrains, atleast make the most of your limited capabilities and direct your unproductive life to the betterment of the world, universe and everything by killing yourself,,,,, the only way out for you losers!
u dont want to know me

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