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I got accepted into Concordia Univeristy for the John Molson MBA. What are the pros and cons of this program? Would you recommed me going there?
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Stop pretending! You are a loser!
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What other business schools did you get into?

If you can speak French fluently and plan to work in Montreal, go to John Molson, if not then go somewhere else.

John Molson does lack recognition compared to McGill in other parts of Canada such as Toronto, Vancouver, and Calgary.

In Montreal, John Molson is more respected than McGill´s business school. The reason for this is because the John Molson school has closer ties with the Montreal business community because of the famous John Molson MBA competition in Montreal, and more of John Molson students come from Quebec. Also, most John Molson graduates tend to stay in Montreal to work, while McGill grads go back to their respective Canadian hometowns or home province/ home countries.

Furthermore, John Molson needs a new building, but their impressive new building won´t open until 2008. Luckily for JMSB, other business schools also have a crappy old building which business students study in.

The only brand name business schools with a modern building to study in is: U of T, York, and Queens.

Having said all of John Molson´s negatives, I would still put the Molson MBA as one of Canada´s top 10 without a doubt.

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No, the new building will be ready before 2008. give it one year.


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