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Subject: lakehead stop trying
lakehead is nothing compared to uoft or mcgill, queens, mcmaster, york, concordia,, ryerson, waterloo, uwo, ubc, the list goes on...stop your school is good but not poster will most likely be a dickhead.sorry lakehead trying to defend their school
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York and Ryerson is better than Lakehead? Come on!!! Everyone knows Lakehead; Lakehead has a solid international reputation, but York, ryerson, etc. they are good, but nothing in comparison to Lakehead.

I guess that Lakehead is in the top 3 or 4; depends on what you put after McGill and UofT (UBC or Lakehead).

Lakehead Lover
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seriously now...u must b on crack.....u can´t compair lakehead to any of those schools..u´r like a little school girl compaired to your bigger brothers...stop pretending and trying to fit in with the boys.......
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let´s stop the conversation on the fisherman´s college now,,,i mean now..getting real bored with this defender of the marine type being the best hahah

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